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About the Society of
Jesus Christ the Priest

Fr. Alfonso Gálvez was born in Totana, Murcia (Spain) on June 4, 1932 into a poor Christian family. He went through grade school in his home town in the Colegio de la Medalla Milagrosa, under the direction of the Sisters of Charity. In 1942 he began High School at Alfonso X el Sabio High School in the city of Murcia.

In 1949 he entered Law School in the University of Murcia where he first felt a calling from God to the priesthood. The next year he entered the Seminary of San Fulgentius in Murcia. With the permission of the bishop of Murcia Don Ramón Sanahuja y Marcé, he completed his ecclesiastical studies while studying law.

He was ordained to the priesthood on June 10, 1956 and was immediately destined to the Parish of St. Andrew as parochial vicar. Here he began to work with the youth, a ministry he had already started during his years in the seminary.

In September 1959, he was sent by his bishop, Manuel de Jesús Serrano Abad, to Cuenca (Ecuador) to be a professor at the St. Aloysius Seminary. By petition of bishop of Cuenca he spent the following years in the town of El Tambo. Afterwards, he asked the bishops of Murcia and Cuenca to be sent to Venezuela. He worked two and a half years at St. Anthony of Barquisimeto Parish until he completed the five-year period he had been destined to South America.

On returning to Spain, the bishop reinstalled him to his position as parochial vicar of St. Andrew Parish in Murcia, but with more freedom to dedicate time to the youth, a ministry the bishop blessed whole-heartedly. The following bishops of Murcia freed him from all parochial work so he could dedicate himself solely to the work God had entrusted him: the Society of Jesus Christ the Priest.

The Society of Jesus Christ the priest was approved as a Pius Union, July 20, 1980, by Bishop Mnsr. Javier Azagra. On November 27, 1986 the same bishop gave his approval under the legal figure of an Association of the Faithful, to adapt to the nomenclature of the new Code of Canon Law of 1983.

Since 1982 he has resided in Residencia El Pedregal, the Mother House of the Society, in the township of Mazarrón, province of Murcia,

The Center for the formation of members of the Society in High School and College is located at this House. Also the direction of the Society in different countries (USA, Chile, Ecuador) and the formation of young postulants to the priesthood is located there.

During his life, he has combined pastoral work with an important literary occupation. He has published numerous works including Commentary to the Song of Songs (2 vols); The Feast of Man and the Feast of God; Prayer; The Innoportune Friend; Notes on the Spirituality of Jesus Chrit the Priest; Meditaciones de Atardecer (English translation pending), Esperando a Don Quijote (English translation pending) and Homilies. 

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